Discipleship Program

The Good Samaritan Men’s Program offers a hand up, rather than just a hand out.  Our focus is long-term.  We do more than just provide temporary measures that don’t solve the issues that are the real causes of homelessness and addiction.  Our goal is to help a man become self-sufficient.  Our primary method is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Discipleship Program is one year long.  During their year at the mission, our primary focus is to help our residents develop their relationship with Christ.  But we also help them develop a strong work ethic by providing work and chores for them to do each day, personal discipline by providing a structured environment and personal responsibility by holding them accountable for their actions. Read more . . .

Good Sam Food Distribution

Good Samaritan Ministries serves over 80,000 hot meals a year to men, women and children, plus distributes tons of additional food to local agencies to help them feed the poor and needy in our community.  For someone who is hungry, hope can begin with a meal.  When a person’s basic needs are met, they are then free to pursue long-term solutions that bring change and deliverance from the grinding pain of homelessness and addiction.

Good Sam Clothing 

We also distribute tons of clothing to the residents in our programs.  Many men come to our program with only the clothes they are wearing.  It’s difficult to maintain proper health and hygiene if you have nothing clean to change into.  We provide them with clothing for work, recreation and church attendance.

Good Sam Thrift Store

You can help change a life by donating your gently used clothing, furniture and other items to our Thrift store. While some of the donations that we receive are used for the basic needs of the men and women involved in the discipleship programs, many of the items donated are placed in our thrift store and sold to the community. The proceeds from these sales are used to subsidize the various costs of the ministry such as taxes, maintenance, fuel, insurance, utilities, and mortgage payments for buildings.

The Good Samaritan Thrift Store also serves an important function in the rehabilitation process of the men and women on the program through job training. They learn the value of a good work ethic and obtain skills that will relate to their future employment opportunities.  Read more . . .

Good Sam’s Auto Donations and Sales

Good Sam’s Auto offers used cars affordably priced to help those in need of reliable transportation. These donated cars are given a thorough inspection by our qualified staff, and are available to view at our ministry headquarters.

Good Sam’s Auto Sales also play a part in the rehabilitation and training that we offer to our men who are participating in our discipleship program.  Through onsite job training, these men are able to acquire job skills that can be utilized after graduation in order to seek gainful employment.  Before buying a car, consider Good Sam’s Auto Sales.  Read more . . .

Good Sam’s Work Program

Part of the Good Samaritan Discipleship Program involves work therapy. Each program participant is given a job to report to each day, and is expected to fulfill all of the requirements set before him/her. Needless to say, our program participants have a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, and are used in the many capacities of running a ministry. In addition to this, we have crews which have been made available to the general public for hire.  Read More . . .

The Problem

On any given day in Richmond, Virginia

. . . there are approximately 1,150 men, women and children who are homeless. For many of them, the economic roller-coaster of the past two years has affected their lives with unemployment, home foreclosures or unmet health needs. Whether recently homeless, or frequently homeless, these vulnerable individuals often succumb to life’s pressures and soothe their troubles with drugs, alcohol or both. An addiction takes root in their life, and they find they are unable to overcome it on their own.

You Can Help Make a Difference!

When you give, you help provide more than a meal. You offer life change through:

  • Christian discipleship programs that address addictions at their root, offering a hand up, rather than just a hand out.
  • Education and training to equip the homeless and hurting with skills to provide for themselves and their families.
  • A future where homeless individuals are loved and cared for while they’re also expected to work towards self-reliance.
  • And so much more…

2018 Donor’s Banquet

Our Theme This Year Was “HOPE”

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this special occasion a huge success. To all the servers, decorators, guest speakers, testimonials and guest, we appreciate your being part of the 2018 GSM Donors Appreciation Banquet!

Good Samaritan Video

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